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This site is about collecting Antique Fishing Lures and is comprised of over 1200 pages with about 2000 pictures of several thousand lures.

This is a non-commercial site. I don’t advertise, solicit, buy, or sell. There is only one reason for the site and that is to promote the hobby of Collecting Antique Fishing Lures…..

Navigation around the site should be pretty easy. There is a menu at the top of every page with links to the main sections and the miscellaneous pages. The main sections have side "pop-out" menus to allow you to go to any individual page.

There are four main sections:
There are also some miscellaneous pages.

This page is now available in Japanese thanks to the kindness and work of Takayuki Shiraiwa of Kyoto, Japan. Takayuki is an avid Crazy Crawler collector and fisherman. He has a great web site whith a lot of Crawler information.
Takayuki's site
In the future maybe more pages will be translated. Thank you very much Takayuki.

The site is picture intensive and therefore will take a long time to load if you're still on a dial-up service. I apologize for that but I wanted to show the pictures in the highest possible resolution. Maybe it won't be long before everyone has a high speed link.

(The site looks best when viewed on monitors set to 1024x768 or higher resolution. It works but doesn't look too good on monitors set to 800x600, sorry.!!)

Thank you for visiting...!!! Hope you enjoy the site.

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